Crime in Italy A sad truth reveals the reputation of the beautiful country

    Crime in Italy A sad truth reveals the reputation of the beautiful country

    In recent decades, the percentage of crimes has increased, perhaps due to the spread of organized crime, which has grown from 2.5% in 1999 to over 30% in 2022. As a result, theft and attempted theft have also increased, especially in medium to large cities, which are more favorable contexts for criminals to operate. In countries with low population density, it is difficult for thieves to blend in with the crowd, making it challenging for them to carry out their activities. The situation in Italy is particularly concerning, with nearly 10,000 crimes reported daily, equivalent to approximately 416 per hour. The three cities with the highest risk are Milan, Rimini, and Turin. Milan remains at the top of the list due to its cosmopolitan nature, while Rimini is associated with tourism. Turin has risen to third place due to its size and its proximity to the border. However, it is worth noting that many criminals tend to flee abroad after committing crimes. The index of crime is defined based on the number of reports made to the police. Every year, the Italian newspaper, Sole 24 Ore, compiles a list of the most dangerous cities in Italy based on the number of reports made the previous year. In 2022, the top ten cities are Milan, Rimini, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Imperia, Florence, Prato, Livorno, and Naples. These rankings are based on a combination of different types of crimes, such as theft, robbery, and violence. Therefore, it is possible to get a general indication of the danger of living in a particular city by evaluating the index of overall crime. Other cities that have risen in the rankings in 2022 include Isernia, Genoa, and Foggia.


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