Founder of the Cristian Nardi platform among the first successful Italian Online Reputation Managers

PRIVACY GARANTITA  was created to guarantee privacy and network security to all users who wish it. This wonderful tool that offers us so many advantages, can sometimes turn into the worst of nightmares. Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights, enshrined in the Constitution. However, the fact that the Internet prevents the censorship of governments or public administration and of inconvenient content, thus democratizing the information and the network, this lends itself to misuse by users, who create content that is sometimes illegal, defamatory, insulting. and slanderous. In the past, it happened that a news published in a newspaper remained nothing the following day except in the archive of the newspaper itself.

However, all this has changed. Today, a “news”, or what in jargon we call “fake news” about people or events, remains forever on the Internet, at the mercy of anyone looking for information about you or your company. A negative comment, or even slander and slander, can destroy years of good reputation, to the point of making business and businesses fail, this is where PRIVACY GARANTITA  stands, in helping you to clean, if necessary, your reputation and your name online.

Aware of this, we dedicate ourselves to “erasing” his past. Our team of experts deletes existing links about your person or company one by one, triggering legal actions that lead to the desired goal, in addition we have our own legal services. All this logically entails a cost, on the other hand, how much does it cost you to be attacked every month by this bad publicity? How many businesses fail because of this? Are you willing to do all this, being able to defend yourself? Reputation on the Internet is important, and it is right to protect it.

In PRIVACY GARANTITA  we are the guarantors of your reputation, yours and your company, and we defend it with all our means, guaranteeing you results.


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