The Suicide of Europe: Muslim Invasion and Free Speech under attack


    Riceviamo e volentieri pubblichiamo questo intervento di Armando Simón*

    Europe is under a steady invasion from sub-equatorial Africa and Muslim countries, ever since Malignant Merkel announced to the world that Europe would welcome them with open arms. The result has been catastrophic for Europeans who, like sheep, have not revolted against their rulers for betraying them, and allowing and encouraging this invasion.

    There have been suicide cults throughout the centuries (the 1978 mass suicide by Communists in Guyana is the most famous). The situation in Europe is another suicide cult by leftists who hate their countries, their cultures, their religion. If such individuals want to commit suicide, that is their prerogative, but to demand that we participate is asking too much. It is interesting that this suicide cult exists in Western Europe, not Eastern Europe. This is because Marxists inside Western Europe, for over half a century, did everything possible to undermine the confidence of Europeans through various forms of propaganda. Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary did not experience this erosion because they were already inside the Iron Curtain. The Soviet Union may be gone, but the effect of this ideology on Western Europe can be felt today.

    As to the immigrants, they have set themselves on a course of constant criminal activity, destruction of institutions and parasitism on Europeans:

    In Cremona, a Senegalese immigrant kidnapped a busload of children and attempted to burn them all alive. He said afterwards that if he had the chance, he would do it again a hundred times. Previously, he had attempted rape of an Italian girl.

    In Paris, three African immigrants from Cape Verde attacked a man and began to eat him alive, but he was able to escape.

    In Rome, an African immigrants from Somalia attempted to rape a woman in a hospital who was going into labor.

    In France, an African immigrant from Morocco beat up the same woman who had helped him get residency in the country.

    In Como, an African immigrant from Tunisia stabbed to death a popular priest.

    In Limburg, Germany, a Tunisian immigrant murdered his wife with a meat cleaver. The Hessian police threatened with arrest anyone who propagated a video with hateful comments on the event. Several leftist snitches turned people in to the police who did.

    In Frankfurt, an Eritrean immigrant pushed a child to his death in front of an incoming train. Previously, he had been spotlighted as “an example of successful integration.” So, instead of illustrating the incident as typical behavior of Africans, the authorities have indicated that it was due to… mental illness.

    When Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations, African immigrants from Algeria and other African countries took over parts of Paris, terrorizing French civilians.

    In Sweden, immigrants from unspecified countries cut the neck of swans.

    An immigrant from Tunisia attacked two bystanders with a machete in the city of Augsburg.

    An African immigrant from Cameroon committed robbery in Switzerland and was finally deported. On the other hand, Britain refused to deport an African immigrant from Somalia who committed 33 crimes and threatened to murder the Queen. Another one from Somalia was in the process of being deported, but in the airplane he started screaming of his suffering, and leftist passengers objected to his deportation. The poor, innocent, Somalian had earlier participated in a gang rape. None of the passengers seemed upset at that.

    In Paris, hundreds of African immigrants stormed the Pantheon to demand free housing, citizenship and easy work.

    In Mirandola, an African immigrant burned a police station and in the process two Italians died.

    In Paris, 500 immigrants from Africa and Pakistan swarmed over the airport, causing chaos and screaming that “France does not belong to the French!”

    In Paris, eleven immigrants from unspecified countries gang raped a girl.

    In Lesbos, a group of Afghan immigrants started fires which killed at least one woman and a child.

    In Ireland, thousands of girls have been subjected to female genital mutilation by immigrants from Africa and Muslim countries.

    In the UK, immigrants from Ghana and Uganda were convicted for carrying out female genital mutilation.

    In Schkeuditz, Saxony, an 88-year-old woman was murdered by a Muslim Chechen.

    A Moroccan immigrant, a naturalized Italian citizen, murdered a man in Stefano Leo, Why? Because he was white and he was happy.

    In Rouen, a couple were murdered in their apartment a few days before Christmas by a Rwandan. That same city saw a priest murdered in church by two Muslims. His last words were, “Be gone, Satan!”

    Near Bonn, a couple were camping when a Ghanaian intruded and proceeded to rape the woman, while the mangina stood by because the savage threatened him.

    An Italian girl was raped, then was dismembered while still alive by a Nigerian.

    In Sweden, a Somalian, claiming to be a child but actually a man, killed an asylum center worker.

    Two Nigerian immigrants stabbed to death a soldier in Woolwich and then tried to cut off his head. In prison, the two were beaten up.

    In Heraklion, an African from Algeria vandalized a Christian church.

    In Nice, a Tunisian killed three people with a knife.

    Again in Nice, again another Tunisian, commandeered a truck and using it as a weapon, killed 84 people celebrating Bastille Day.

    In Belgium, a film crew had to flee when attacked by a number of African immigrants. It appears that in many areas of Europe, Europeans are not allowed to set foot. In their own country.

    In Kaufbeuren, two Syrians murdered a blind, handicapped man. One of the immigrants’ little brother is a thief.

    In Finland, 16 immigrants from different Muslim countries raped children as young as ten over a period of months. One of the immigrants fled and was caught in Germany and was released. Finland’s Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, condemned “hate speech” against the child rapists.

    Swedish doctors reported that there has been a sharp spike in the number of cases of Leishmaniasis, a rare lethal parasite that was brought into the country by immigrants.

    In Sweden, 8 out of 10 “stranger rapes” are carried out by immigrants who have been admitted into the country as asylum seekers. In Oslo, 70 per cent of violent crimes are committed by immigrants.

    A racist from Senegal and head of an anti-hate group called for the murder of white people.

    Two Muslim Albanians and one Egyptian raped a girl who was waiting for her friends on Lignano beach.

    Three Albanian Muslim immigrants and two Moroccans raped four Italian girls whom they locked up in an apartment.

    In San Lorenzo, Rome, a teenage girl was gang raped and murdered by a group of seven Arab and African immigrants. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini attempted to visit the area wearing a white rose but was blocked by far-left protestors.

    In Newcastle, 17 Pakistanis were convicted of raping white girls. In Britain, Pakistani has come to be synonymous with rapist. Meanwhile, several MPs have demanded that Britain accelerate its suicide by increasing fivefold the number of incoming immigrants.

    In Coventry, a 40 y/o Muslim from Gambia (who is balding) was put in children’s school because he said he was a “minor” and, of course, since he is an immigrant everything must be made to make him happy. When parents complained, they were told by the wise school authorities to go away and not bother them, that they were being racist and should be ashamed of themselves. The children, however, put his picture in social media and the imbeciles in the school district were faced with ridicule, so the immigrant was taken out of the children’s school. The balding man, who was believed to be 11 y/o was still treated as a minor.

    In Germany, the Muslims are demanding that an Islamophobia Czar be appointed to persecute anyone who criticizes the Muslims or their religion, or reports any news that would make them look bad.

    In Freiburg, a German student was killed by an Afghan. The Afghan had been sentenced to ten years for attempted murder in Greece but was released after only two years.

    In Chemnitz, a Syrian and an Iraqi stabbed to death a German man.

    In Athens, two Syrian Muslims beat a priest in front of his church while in Lesbos a large cross was destroyed by a migrant NGO because “the cross promoted hate.”

    Italian counter-terrorism arrested a Somali before he could carry out his plan to bomb Christian churches.

    A Moroccan murdered a filmmaker for making a film showing how Muslims brutalize women.

    In Paris, a teacher was murdered for teaching his students the concept of freedom of expression.

    One can always find women who want to demonstrate to everyone how progressive they are by having sex with immigrants. In Nantes, one such woman chose a one for a boyfriend. One day, the boyfriend tied her up with cables and beat her body with a rod, shaved her head, and put her hand in boiling water. She eventually escaped, he was arrested, and she is now probably looking for another immigrant.

    Europe is being transformed. For the worse. Traitorous government officials and journalists – all of them leftists – order their citizens to adjust their lives in order to make the immigrants feel comfortable, constantly repeat to their citizens that they must adjust, they must be open minded, they must be idealistic, they must not reject, they have to meekly accept the newomers’ insults and they have to meekly accept their crimes.

    Malignant Merkel looks forward to when Germany will become Muslim (and all its artwork will be destroyed and books burnt), while in France, Michel Houellebecq foresees when France will be run by the Muslim Brotherhood and Swedish government ministers Mona Sahlin and Lise Bergh expressed contempt for Swedish culture while glorifying Muslims. The Muslims, in turn, openly express contempt for European values and institutions, from democracy to cleanliness to free speech to the Christian religion. Women are routinely raped by these immigrants.

    This is in contrast to the Dalai Lama who has declared that Europe belongs to the Europeans.

    Traitors are not confined to the government, but are also within society. Case in point is where some leftist religious leaders betray their religion by removing Christian symbols from their churches, so that the Muslims will not be offended. They fully expect, if not demand, that their citizens smile with approval at their enlightened actions.

    While leftist European politicians bend over backwards to either welcome, grovel or glorify the invasion, they go in full attack mode to any European who shows a backbone, and to hell with free speech or any other rights. The legal bureaucracy has firmly come down on the side of Muslim fanatics. Free speech is dead in Western Europe.

    In the UK, Tommy Robinson  courageously reported on the hordes of Pakistanis committing rape and for that he was demonized by the Bbc, The Guardian, and various Labour activists to the point that he was arrested, charged, tried and convicted in a mere two hours for reporting on a gang of these rapists, at which point he was deliberately placed in the worst prison, infested with Muslim criminals (some people were upset). Katie Hopkins is another individual who has been shining light on the Muslims in the UK and, fortunately, has not been punished like Robinson. At least, not yet. Geert Wilders from Holland has strongly criticized the influx of Muslims into his country, with the result that one imam called for him to be beheaded. Since this did not occur, the leftist Dutch government put him on trial for criticizing that murderous religion and its followers while the UK banned him from entering the country.

    Combined with constant, daily propaganda from the media hivemind, it has resulted in a continent full of castrated sheep. It needs to be emphasized that it is not just the politicians. Many ordinary citizens have been thoroughly brainwashed – sometimes it seems like lobotomized – by years of constant leftist propaganda. They will assist the immigrants to illegally enter Europe, to displace their fellow citizens as to benefits for their sake, or refuse to cooperate with the authorities if the immigrants attack them, fearing that they will be extradited. And, they will refuse to publish an author’s book if she has criticized them.

    Europe is experiencing an invasion, regardless of what leftist sophists claim. Since no shots have been fired, it may seem odd to call it an invasion, but there is precedent. In 1975, the Moroccan government arranged for 350,000 civilians to simply go over the border into Spanish Sahara. Because they were unarmed, there was no resistance, since a massacre would have looked bad and so, eventually, Morocco got the territory, doubling its size. So just because the enemy does not have weapons while crossing the border does not mean that it is not an invasion. The invaders use the Europeans’ humanitarian feelings as a weapon against them, but Europeans should remember that Europe has always been the target of the Muslims.

    And as any general will tell you, convince an enemy that they should not resist and the war is already won.

    The solution to the invasion is obvious and simple; it is the lack of will that is the problem.

    * Armando Simón is a trilingual native of Cuba, a retired psychologist with a degree in history. He is the author of several stage plays, as well as “When Evolution Stops”, “The U”, “Very Peculiar Stories” and “A Prison Mosaic”. Another book, “Pandemic or No Pandemic I’m Getting Married!!” will be available soon.


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