5 truffle products that will change the way you look at truffle (and where to find them)

Truffle-Eat Truffle Eat: here’s an ode to the delicious diamond of the culinary world. Much-loved among chefs for their musky aroma, flavors, and, of course, their scarcity, truffle – white or black – is also widely a foodie’s favorite.
Aside from their complex, earthy and umami-packed flavours, the rare delight can always raise the profile in every kind of meal it is present in. That is to say, any dish that has been dubbed and dusted with paper-thin truffle slices is immediately elevated with deluxe sumptuousness.
Carpaccio Truffle-eat Truffleat slicer
Recently, we were introduced to a Thailand-based retailer of luxury, top-quality Italian products, TrufflEat, We found that the Italian goods company is one of the city’s best truffle oases.
Among other quality foodstuff sourced from many different regions of Italy, TrufflEat offers up fresh, a company made up of truffle lovers and hunters who everyday pursue and provide Italian seasonal truffles to numerous dining tables across the world.truffles-eatNot only does TrufflEat deliver fresh truffle to your plate, but they also offer some of best natural products derived from truffle that, guaranteed, will change the way you look at and eat the culinary gems. We got a chance to try some of their products and have curated a list of must-have truffle products you should include to your pantry. Scroll down to see which one would best match with your taste.
Truffleat-salt It is truly “unique; with a uniquely unmistakable flavour, just like the Urbani truffle. Truffleat-thrills

Through the natural use of the white truffle – Tuber magnatum pico – olive oil gains an intense and unique fragrance: pasta or rice become incomparable and on every kind of meat and fish a few drops of truffle olive-oil will give the final touch to an unforgettable dish.


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