Interview with pole dance athlete Helena Kazakevich: fundamental passion

    1. Helena, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

     My way to pole dance was quite sudden. I was led by my irrepressible wish to try something new and moving to another country as well.  I left my hometown Minsk (the capital of Belarus) for Kiev (Ukraine). Having a basic sport education under my belt I decided to realize myself as a couch. Working as a strip-plastic instructor in a gym was somehow boring.. Well, while surfing a vacancy list I noticed, that there was a pole dance coach needed. In fact in 2009 people could hardly imagine what should it be like. Actually Google and pole videos from Australian championship helped me. I was just thrilled. So I recalled my dance background (in Minsk I was a member of professional dance team in hip-hop and modern choreo), rented a studio and using my good fantasy made up a small number for a job interview. As in 2009 there were quite a few pole dance coaches, in spite of my little knowledge of pole, but taking into consideration my previous sports and dancing merits, I got that place. This very moment predetermined my future for a long time and painted my life with brightest colors. Though at first I was a rabid pole-sport disciple, then I gradually went into Pole exotic. I brought there a lot of tricks so discreetly became a starter of a brand-new branch – Hard Pole, which became popular in Ukraine and other countries.

    • How is your life outside the discipline of Pole?

    My no-pole life is amazing and wonderful. I like creativity and sport. I succeed in CrossFit and often take part in filming. At first I had appeared on TV as a dancing expert but few years ago tried myself as an actress (soaps, shows, movies). I also run some pole projects, deal with developing pole dance as a beautiful kind of sport and my own trade mark Hot Exot. I teach pole exotic coaches as well and organize awesome pole camps for real pole fans. Also I have got a great experience while working on the big stage as a poledancer. Among them – Pirate Station (world drum’n’bass festival) and with Tiesto dj, Fedde LeGrand and others.

    • What were the best moments of your artistic career?

     I actually had my best moments as a performer when I was getting into the Best Ukraine Pole Dancers list for some years, then the amazed comments from audience about my “originality” and “otherness”. But the brightest ones always come up with the last chords of a performance… That exchange of energy between the performer and audience, their applauds. The best recognition ever! Also I have got a great experience while working on the big stage as a poledancer. Among them – Pirate Station (world drum’n’bass festival) and with Tiesto dj, Fedde LeGrand and others.

    • What aspects do you have in mind when preparing a choreography?

     When preparing a number I always keep a lot of aspects: the character of music, the character of my “hero”, the text (if there’s one). I work it at all levels out: emotions, dance, tricks, acting. Every performance is a small life-story. Not only a perfect technic is needed.. It all gets dull and tasteless without emotions. Just like in real life.

    • According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

    As any other sport pole dance has a great influence on our appearance. You get 100% such useful kinds of character as determination, ability to face and work with your fears (fear of heights or a common among newcomers fear of getting upside down). And certainly if a person wants to perform there’s a great opportunity to achieve the potential. The main thing here is to find a competent coach.

    • How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in Ukraine?

    Pole Dance in Ukraine develops very fast. Our sportspeople either in pole sport or in pole exotic can compete with dignity on world Championships. Everyone knows these names: Anastasia Sokolova, Natalia Tatarintseva, Tatiana Gordienko, Dmitry Politov, Helen Minina and the others. Ukraine gave the world a lot of cool performers and created new branches and trends. Talking about internal market, I can say that the choice of pole events has incredibly grown up. I mean qualitative growth as well. Spectacular work has been done in comparison with 2011-12. Not hiding my pride I can say, I’m glad to belong the small team of Ukrainian «movers», who constantly work at the development of quality of Pole Dance in our country. The qualitative education of Pole Exotic coaches and Pole Exotic Camps are on me, I took this responsibility. The craziest thing about it, that people from different European countries (and not only these ones actually) come to us with pleasure and it reflects really descent level of pole dance in Ukraine.

    • With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

    For development of my body I included CrossFit in my trainings routine. In my opinion it is just a perfect activity  for power endurance acquisition (that’s what we need for pole). The combination of gymnastics, bar and barbell exercises enhances our bodies harmoniously and gives a good base to pole trainings. I also add trainings on the American system called «Mobility» – a non-traumatic way of improving flexibility and joint mobility. I like it better than usual stretching cause it includes self-massage, which recovers your organism very well. For performers I also recommend drama courses. It can help you a lot to understand the sense of a scene and working with images.


    Place of birth:  Minsk (Belarus)

    Birthdate: 14/01/1987

    Place of residence: Live in Kiev (Ukraine)

    Zodiac sign: Capricorn

    Favorite music: Chill for relax, hardcore for training, emotional for shows.  Jan Blomqvist, Robot Coch, Korn, Dcult, Hed P.E, LB, Christian Loffer, Portishead,  Truth.


     -Hard Pole Exotic Pole Dance Style creator Judge and guest performer on a lot of Pole Dance Championships (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Europe),  many times presenter of Pole Exotic Author Program “Hardcore on High Heels” over the world (Novosibirsk, Stambul, Barcelona, Warsaw, all Ukraine, Moscow, Almaty  and more),  – few times Top-10 Ukrainian pole dancers,  – Choreographer,  – Crossfit-athlete (Arnold Classic Europe 5th place, Elite category, winner and medalist on a lot of Ukrainian, Russian and European competitions),  – Actress (tv-shows, cinema, video clips) – Youtube famous sport girl  – Creator of “Hot Exot” tm ( entertainment and education Pole Exotic brand) 

    Some dates: 2018 – HotExot — General sponsor on European Poledance Championship Pole Emotion 2018 – finalist of Pole Show Brazil 2017 – Second time special guest and performer on AllUkrainian Pole Exotic Competition “Temptation”  2017 – HotExot – General sponsor, honestly judge and  guest performer on European Poledance Championship Pole Emotion 2017 – Official Partner of Allukrainian Pole Exotic Championship “Charm Pole Fest” (Kiev)  2016/2017 – Chief organizer and creator international Pole Camp “Hot Exot” 2017  – organizer of courses for pole exotic dancers Hot Exot Pole Pro. 2016 – Head judge on allukranian Exotic competition “Temptation” also guest performance  2016 – One of the honestly judge on Exotic Generation (International Exotic Pole Dance Championship), Moscow. 2016 – One of the honestly judge on Pole Doll Exotic Championship (Minsk, Belarus)

    2016 – Judge on Siberian Competition, guest performer “Aphrodite Night” Novosibirsk 2016 – Guest performance and Head judge on allrussian pole art championship Pole Star (Samara, Russia) 2015-2016 – Guest performance and judging on the International Exotic championship Zodiac, Moscow.  2015 – the most incredible show on European Pole Championship (Croatia) 2014 – presenter of authors program ‘Hardcore on High Heels’ on Ukrainian Pole Convention 2014 – 10 the best in the category of exotic show championship Paranoia (Moscow).

    2014 – presenter of authors program ‘Hardcore on High Heels’ on Ukrainian Pole Convention

    2014 – 10 the best in the category of exotic show championship Paranoia (Moscow). 2013 – presenter of authors program ‘Hardcore on High Heels’ on Ukrainian Pole Convention  2013 – Miss Pole Dance Elite. Moscow. 2nd place, category “Exotic”. Professionals

    2012 – Semifinalist World Pole Sport and Fitness Pole Dance Champioship in Zurich 2012 – Miss Pole Dance Ukraine award The Best Show 2011 – Head judge on the first Belarussian Pole Dance National Champioship. 2011 – Best Choreography at the Miss Pole Dance Ukraine. 2011 – “Queen of the Pole 2011” Ukrainian Pole Dance Tournament – 2nd place, professionals 2010 – Allukranian championship, 2-nd place. Category Professionals. Many times students took prizes on Exotic Pole Dance Championship


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