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The  INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION (PoleCon)  is a special event that celebrates diversity, freedom and creativity …

Colleen Jolly, the organizer, tells us about the organization of this event, which will take place in Denver, Colorado, USA, next year in the month of June ..

Date of the event ?: June 6-9, 2019

Place of the event?: Denver, Colorado USA

What is this competition about?

THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION, also commonly known as PoleCon, celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels then stay for the community. #poleconisforeveryone

THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION annual event showcases performances, a vendor hall, free movement-based workshops and seminars, and pay-for pole and non-pole workshops that moves to a new location every year. Next year will be in Denver, Colorado.

 What expectations do you have with this competition?

To showcase and celebrate all elements of the pole community.

How many items do they have?

We organize several thematic showcases such as Pole Comedy, Sexy, Men of Pole, etc.

How many athletes do you expect to participate? 300+

Anything else you want to highlight?

The purpose of THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION is to celebrate the diverse pole dance/pole fitness community through education and events. We take our commitment to diversity very seriously and are always striving to reflect every aspect of that community.

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Thank you Colleen Jolly for allowing us to spread the discipline of Pole 

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

All information at http://www.poleconvention.com



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